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Poems from Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley

Young writers from the Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley wrapped up a four-session mindful poetry writing workshop this week. Below are six poems they wrote in small groups as part of a Mindful Eating for Description activity.  

Congrats to these very creative young thinkers!!

Poem #1

Ode to the Blackberry

It feels like a blueberry:
little circles on the entire thing.
It's bumpy like a mountain,
bumpy like a giant pile of little rocks.
Its colors remind us of Earth.
It's bumpy now, but like just one rock.
Dark in color, like the night sky.
We could probably climb up the stem,
though climbing it would make the berry pop,
and a river of juice would come down the mountain.

Poem #2

Ode to an Oreo

You look nice & tasty--
You have a creamy filling.
No, you have a fuzzy filling. 
You have pretty designs.

Poem #3

Ode to the Grape

It's brown where a stem once was.
Black little dots like dirt or bugs.
The grape rolls all over the mouth:
It's confusing. It looks like a green cat
running all around the room.
Now it feels like a dried fig
or a tiny apricot. Grape,
run like crazy from people
or you'll be eaten!

Poem #4

Ode to the Oreo

This Oreo is like wood.
This Oreo is like metal.
It feels like black sand,
sand which once was an enormous rock
crushed by the sea.

The cream in the middle
is like the winter sky,
like a snowflake
that's great for a snowflake pie.
It stays alive.
It gets cut into half, the three parts,
and the parts keep breaking.
It stays alive and marries another rock!

Poem #5

All Mixed Together Ode

The grape: it's like there's liquid inside of it.
The Oreo: eating the cookie, it turns brown. 
Future cavities!

The Dorito smells like nacho corn chips.
Back to that grape. It's hard like a rock.
The frosting in the cookie looks like
milk in a bottle.

Dorito chip: you smell spicy!

Poem #6

The grape: a prose poem



It’s brown, yellow, red. I can see the insides already without opening it: the juice and seeds. The interior looks like water. It’s like an apple, a pear, a raisin. It’s like Mindcraft. It smells like warm trash. It smells like water. It feels like an organ. It feels round, like the inside of a kiwi. In the mouth, it’s like slime, applesauce. It feels warm when you keep chewing. It feels like a slimy thing.


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